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Composition and structure of stainless steel faucet

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Composition and structure of stainless steel faucet

Faucet is a small equipment in kitchen and toilet, and it is also indispensable in daily life. With the continuous improvement of human living standards, our daily life can not do without it. At the same time, people begin to pay attention to the quality of faucet, but the influence of small faucet is so big, we have to understand how the structure of this small faucet is, Understanding the structure of the faucet is very helpful for us to choose and use the faucet correctly. Its structure directly affects its function. I believe many consumers don't know much about the structure of faucet

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The structure of the faucet is still very simple. Basically, as long as the handle cover of the faucet is removed, the inner structure of the faucet can be seen. The internal structure of the faucet is mainly composed of the main body, valve core, handle, water filter nozzle and other parts. Because of the harmonious effect of these parts, the faucet can flow when it is opened and stop when it is closed.

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Faucet valve core is the lifeblood of faucet, which largely determines the quality and service life of faucet. The valve core structure of faucet includes ceramic valve core, ball valve core, stainless steel valve core and rubber valve core. Ceramic valve core is a new generation of valve core information, especially the imported ceramic chip, with good sealing function, stable physical function and other characteristics. In addition to those produced in China, the faucet valve core on the market now mainly relies on imported products. Generally, the normal service life of imported valve core is 5-10 years. If it is replaced and repaired, only one valve core can be replaced.

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The surface of faucet is mainly treated with chrome plating, titanium plating, spray painting, gold plating, frosting, etc. Buy faucet to consider the thickness of the surface coating, assuming that the coating surface smooth, that coating quality is good. Thick coating is not easy to fall and aging. The thickness of plating surface is one of the factors to be considered. It can be used to visually investigate whether the plating surface is bright and whether the surface reflects the object well. The chromium plating layer of imported faucets is relatively thick, which is not easy to fall and oxidize. The gold plating layer has a special protective film, which will keep the plating layer not easy to fall.

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The main body of the faucet refers to the pipe body. The main material of the faucet is generally made of stainless steel. If the body is cut open, the faucet can be checked for porosity, density and wall thickness.

The internal structure of cold and hot faucets mainly consists of connecting gooseneck, flushing pipe, sealing ring, footwall root box and connecting middle pipe; The valve core of cold and hot faucet has cold and hot holes, and has sealing ring to ensure the sealing function. The valve core mainly controls the opening and closing of the two holes, and its primary operation is controlled by the ceramic chip on it.

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As can be seen from the above, the faucet structure is not as simple as many people think. Even if it is such a small faucet structure, it needs constant research and attempt to do well. Now in our kitchens, bathrooms and other living spaces, there are a lot of different types of faucets, so we should also understand these different faucet structures.



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