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stainless steel 304 temperature control hot and cold exposed 2-functions thermostatic Bathtub mixer

  • Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
    Brand Name:YUANTU
    Model Number:YT-1-2058H
    Surface Finishing:Brushed
    Surface Treatment:Polished
    Installation Type:Wall Mounted
    Number of Handles:Single Handle
    Valve Core Material:Ceramic
    Number of Holes for Installation:Double Hole
    Spray Type:Yes
    Material:304 stainless steel body and 304 stainless steel handle
    Water pressure testing:1.6MPA
    Air pressure testing:0.6MPA
    Water flow:Mixer≥18L/min, Other Mixer≥12L/min
    cartridge lifetime:300,000 cycles
    Quality guarantee:5 years

YUANTU Bathtub mixer Modle:YT-1-2058H

YT-1-2058H Bathtub mixer.jpg

Advantages of constant temperature tap

1. Convenient

The main advantage of thermostatic faucet is convenience, because it can adjust the suitable temperature according to the water temperature when it is used, and there is no need to add water again after the water comes out. In this way, it will be very convenient when using water, and it can also save water.

YT-1-2058H3 Bathtub mixer.jpg

2. Protecting water pipes

The use of thermostatic faucet can also effectively protect the water pipe, because the temperature of the water released by the thermostatic faucet is just right, and it will not be too hot, so that the pipe will be burned, which ensures the service life of the water pipe.

YT-1-2058H4 Bathtub mixer.jpg

3. Simple

Another advantage of thermostatic faucet is that it is easy to use. The left side of the faucet represents hot water, the right side represents cold water, and the middle is normal water temperature. Just turn the faucet, you can adjust to the appropriate water temperature, the operation is very simple.

YT-1-2058H5 Bathtub mixer.jpg

4. Economy

The use of constant temperature faucet is also very water-saving, because it is made up of hot and cold water mixed with warm water. The temperature is neither cold nor hot. It is suitable for washing clothes or vegetables, saving a lot of water resources.


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  • Contact : shirley
  • Email : shirley@yuantu-faucet.com
  • Tel : +86-0750-8662208
  • ADD : #4 Taixin Road, Area B,DongXi lndustrial Zone,Zhishan Town,Heshan City,Guangdong,China
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