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Don't be careless when buying kitchen faucets. Think about these six questions in advance!

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Don't be careless when buying kitchen faucets. Think about these six questions in advance!

Kitchen faucet is an indispensable hardware in home life. Many friends may ignore the importance of kitchen faucet when shopping. When using it, they think that the kitchen faucet can continue to be used without water leakage, but the quality of kitchen faucet is closely related to their health.

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Kitchen faucet replacement

1、 The drinking kitchen faucet needs to be renewed when it expires

For the kitchen faucet of drinking water, whether there are quality problems such as water leakage or not, there will be different degrees of corrosion after long-term use, resulting in an increase in the precipitation of lead and affecting the health of the family. It is recommended to change it once every 5 years. Other non potable water kitchen faucets can continue to be used as long as they are not broken.

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2、 Why does the outlet water become smaller

If you find that the water outlet of the kitchen faucet at home is smaller than before, you need to check whether there is a problem with the valve, or there is slag blocking the interior of the kitchen faucet.

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3、 There will be fingerprints on the kitchen faucet

If fingerprints are easily left on the surface of the kitchen faucet, and the fingerprints will be more and more beautiful, it is said that there is a problem with the quality of the kitchen faucet. The coating quality of the kitchen faucet with good quality is good, and the fingerprints left on it will disappear soon.

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4、 Buy Kitchen Faucet according to basin structure

When buying a kitchen faucet, you should not only see the size of the connecting hole, but also pay attention to the shape and structure of the basin, especially the height of the basin installed on the table has changed, and the ordinary basin kitchen faucet is no longer applicable.

5、 The kitchen faucet is not the heavier the better

Many friends think that the heavier the weight of the kitchen faucet, the higher the purity of the material. The kitchen faucet really can't buy too light. The light faucet often hollows out the internal copper and is easy to burst under the water pressure. But the kitchen faucet doesn't mean that the heavier it is, the better. If recycled copper is used as raw material or stainless steel parts are added, the weight of the faucet can be increased. The impurities contained in the recycled materials will also increase, which will directly cause the content of heavy metals in the products to exceed the standard, form secondary pollution to drinking water and affect human health.

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6、 How about the kitchen faucet

Induction kitchen faucet has the advantages of convenient use and more water saving. Many friends may consider installing it at home. Families do not recommend the use of induction kitchen faucets. The water outlet is small and the price is high. If it is damaged, the maintenance cost is also high.



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