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Installation method of washing machine faucet

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Installation method of washing machine faucet

The orientation of the washing machine is confirmed in the planning of the toilet. When the water pipe is installed, the water outlet will be reserved in the corresponding orientation. After the special washing machine faucet is connected with the water inlet pipe of the washing machine, it can be used normally. Washing machine faucet device is not messy, but there are some places to pay attention to, the following to introduce the washing machine faucet device steps.

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Connection of washing machine faucet and water outlet

1. Washing machine faucet is special, and the appearance of ordinary faucet is not the same, it has a long connection under the nozzle is connected with the washing machine water inlet pipe. Before the installation, take out all the accessories of the faucet and prepare a box of raw material belt. The raw material belt is used between the water outlet and the faucet to prevent water leakage.

2. First, put the filter screen device with the faucet on the faucet connector, and then put the sealing rubber ring on the port. Use the raw material belt to encircle the connecting port of the faucet for several times. At this time, you should pay attention to encircle it clockwise. When connecting the faucet with the water outlet, you will tighten it clockwise. In this way, you will screw it more tightly and it is not easy to loosen. When connecting the faucet and the outlet pipe of the wall, pay attention to the installation of the shielding cover, which can cover the gap at the joint.

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Connection of washing machine faucet and washing machine water inlet

1. The special faucet of washing machine should be connected to the water inlet of washing machine. Take out the water inlet pipe of washing machine. There is a slider at the end of the connection between the water inlet pipe and the faucet. When connecting, first press the slider to separate the buckle of the joint from the water inlet pipe, then loosen the four screws on the water inlet pipe joint, and then put the joint on the faucet. There is a rubber washer in the joint of the water inlet pipe, which should be close to the faucet, and then tighten the four screws of the port with a screwdriver.

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2. Finally connect the other end of the water inlet pipe of the washing machine with the water inlet behind the washing machine. As long as the water outlet of the other end is aligned with the water inlet of the washing machine, and then tighten the plastic nut of the water pipe end, the device can be completed.

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3. After all the connections are completed, turn on the tap water switch to check whether there is water leakage at each connection. After confirming that there is no problem, turn on the washing machine and let the washing machine work. Check whether the water in the water inlet pipe is normal.

Height of faucet device of washing machine

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The device height of the washing machine faucet has been confirmed at the time of waterway reconstruction, which is generally about 1.1 meters, and can be used to various types of washing machines. Generally, the height of the faucet should not be lower than the height of the washing machine. Workers will organize the height in detail during the waterway reconstruction.

Washing machine faucet installation steps are not messy, as long as the two ends of the connection can be done, we should pay attention to the purchase of faucets must choose washing machine special faucet.



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