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Precautions for shower faucet

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Precautions for shower faucet

When decorating the bathroom, you need to install shower faucet, so that daily bathing will be convenient. If the shower faucet is not selected well, there will be various problems or troubles in daily bathing. How to choose shower faucet?

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1、 Look at the spray effect of the shower

From the appearance, the shape of the shower looks similar. When you buy it, you should see whether its spraying effect is good or not. A good shower can ensure that the spraying of each small spray hole is balanced and consistent. Under different water pressure, it can ensure a smooth and dripping shower effect. When you choose, you can test the water to see whether the spraying water flow is uniform.

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2、 Look at the spray way of the shower

The internal design of the shower is also different. When choosing the hand-held shower, in addition to its spraying effect, the spray mode of the hand-held shower can be divided into lasing and massage. The general spray mode can bring more ideal shower comfort. The handheld sprinkler can choose the right spraying mode according to the mood: natural and comfortable rain shower, vigorous massage type, comfortable and warm spray type, pleasant and gentle water column type, and water-saving drip type. According to the mood, the heart of the "bath.".

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3、 Look at the surface coating

In addition to the quality and service life, the quality of shower coating also affects the cleaning and hygiene. Generally, the surface of shower is plated with chromium. A good coating can be kept at 150 ℃ for 1 hour without blistering, wrinkling, cracking and peeling; There was no corrosion in 24 hours acetic acid salt spray test. In the selection can see its glossiness and smoothness, bright and smooth shower that uniform coating, shower quality will be better.

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4、 Look at the valve core of the shower

The valve core affects the use feeling and service life of the shower. A good shower uses ceramic valve core, which is smooth and frictionless. When selecting, you can twist the switch by hand. It feels comfortable and smooth, which can ensure the smooth and reliable performance of the product. Remind you that your bathroom products can make people happy physically and mentally and relieve the fatigue of the day. It is suggested that when you choose bathroom products, you should make a multi-faceted investigation and choose carefully when you buy them.

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