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How to change the tap

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How to change the tap

Faucet often open and close will inevitably present a damaged condition, the need to be able to replace the faucet in time. Do you know how to change a tap if you have never changed one?

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1、 How to change the tap?

Things: adjustable wrench, raw material belt, two faucets


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1. First of all, turn off the water valve at home, otherwise it will be difficult to change the faucet.

2. Turn on the tap to release the water and pressure in the pipe

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3. Use a wrench to turn the faucet upside down, and try to slow down, so as to prevent the faucet from breaking inside for a long time!

4. It's not good to wrap the raw material belt in the positive direction of the faucet that needs to be changed for about 15 circles, too much or too little, which can be determined according to the actual situation.

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5. Tighten the alignment wire. Pay attention to correct it when it is hard to screw. It will be more convenient to disassemble next time.

6. Open the main water valve OK, if you look at the joint leakage can be twisted in a circle, or remove with raw material.

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How to change the tap? When changing the faucet, you need to use special things and master some skills. It doesn't mean you can change it.



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