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How to solve the problem of tap water reduction

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How to solve the problem of tap water reduction

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When you install the faucet, after using it for a period of time, you will find that the appearance of the faucet is simple, and there are water stains left. No matter how advanced the faucet is, it will be dwarfed; Moreover, the faucet will also present internal blocking problems such as water volume reduction or water outlet bifurcation. Therefore, it is necessary for us to clean and maintain the tap frequently.

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Clean both inside and outside

To clean the electroplated surface of copper faucet, it can be scrubbed with boiling water and detergent, or directly cleaned with some degreasing detergent.

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For the scale and rust on the faucet, just use a wet cloth or sponge dipped in a little special detergent to wipe the surface, and then use a clean rag to dry or wash with water.

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Do not use steel ball and other hard objects to wipe the surface of the faucet, because the steel ball is very hard, simply scratch the surface of the faucet. Clean to use neutral detergent, and can not use strong acid and alkali detergent. Using a soft toothbrush dipped in toothpaste or a cleaning cloth dipped in toothpaste can also remove scale and oil.

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In addition, many people only pay attention to the appearance of the faucet when cleaning the faucet, but in fact, the interior of the faucet is more important. If the water output of the faucet is reduced or the water outlet bifurcates, it may be caused by the blockage of the bubbler. Take down the bubbler, soak it in vinegar, clean the sundries with a small brush or other things, and then re install it.



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