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The solution of faucet mesh blocked

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The solution of faucet mesh blocked

Faucet is common in life, however, just bought the faucet will have a layer of filter, this is to see to avoid splashing water. Faucet filter can be used for a long time, will attach a lot of impurities, resulting in smaller water flow. So how to clean the filter?

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If the filter is not cleaned for a long time, the possibility of blockage will only be great, leading to the water flow becoming smaller, and even the tap may be broken, causing the water to splash everywhere. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the filter screen frequently.

First of all, we need to find sewing needles or paper clips or toothpicks, knives, air blowing and other tools.

1. First, gently rotate the filter screen on the faucet and screw it off. At this time, it can be tested whether the small water flow is the cause of filter blockage.

2. The filter screen can be taken out by pressing out the filter screen in the head of the filter screen with the force of the finger tip.

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3. Pry out the white filter screen with the prepared sewing needle or paper clip, but use a little light to avoid concave the metal ring.

4. Pry out the white filter along the edge with a sewing needle or knife, and then separate the internal parts of the filter.

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5. While blowing the filter screen with air, use toothpick or sewing needle to sort out the blocked filter screen hole.

6. Then install the filter screen back in the order of removal.

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It's very easy to arrange the filter, but we should also pay attention to it, otherwise the filter will be damaged due to improper arrangement.

Every two or three months, you should clean the tap and filter in your home. When finishing the stains on the faucet, use neutral detergent to clean its coating surface, and then wipe it with a clean and soft cloth. Remember not to use some detergent that is harmful to the coating. Long used faucet outside luster may fade, can use lemon slice wipe a few times.

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When the faucet has been used for a period of time, the filter may be difficult to clean, so it is recommended to replace the new filter, which can ensure the safety of the faucet and save water.



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