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Mistakes in choosing faucets

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Mistakes in choosing faucets

1. The smaller the flow, the more water saving

The water-saving standard is available for faucet flow, and it is not conducive to water saving if the flow is too large or too small. Many people will have such mistakes, think that the flow of small faucets, more water saving. Water consumption equals to flow times water consumption time, and too small flow will significantly extend water consumption time, which can not play a water saving role. Sometimes the flow of tap is too small, it may be a problem with the tap valve, or the slag is blocked, it should be cleaned or replaced in time. Therefore, do not think that the flow is less and better.

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2. Water saving of induction tap

Many consumers think that the induction faucet is convenient and saves water. But in fact, the induction tap has not only less water output, high price, but also high repair cost. Induction faucets are generally public places, office buildings and government units, etc. before equipment is used. But the home uses induction faucet, which is not practical, and it is time-consuming and laborious to repair.

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3. Only one water pipe can be connected to the cold and hot tap

As mentioned above, the cold and hot water faucet uses different views of the opening at both ends of ceramic valve core to control the mixing ratio of cold and hot water, and then the water temperature conditioning function is completed. But many people bought back to find that only one cold water pipe in the home, thought that only one water inlet hose can be used normally.

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4. No angle valve is required for connection of faucet and water pipe

Many people know to install faucets, but they don't know to install angle valves. Angle valve outlet is 90 degrees right angle with the water inlet, which can connect the inner wall water pipe and faucet hose and control the water flow switch.

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5. The selection of faucets does not have to consider the basin

The platform basin is a kind of platform basin, because of its neat appearance and changeable shape, more and more people like it. Many consumers have not noticed that the basin is higher and still choose the common basin faucet; Another case is that the basin only has one equipment hole, but the consumer has bought double double control faucets, and the results can not be installed.

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6. Is the bubbler faucet sure to save water

The outlet of the faucet consists of two parts: an external filter screen and a bubbler installed inside. The bubble device mainly increases the number of bubbles in the water, reduces the water output, and then the water outlet does not splash and controls the flow, so it can achieve certain water saving effect. But not all cases, the faucet with bubbler is water-saving, which makes the impact of water flow weaker, which reduces the ability of cleaning and cleaning. Therefore, when cleaning very dirty things, it is not conducive to water saving.



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