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Purchase standard of stainless steel faucet

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Purchase standard of stainless steel faucet

In the shopping malls of faucet manufacturers, the price varies from high to low, which makes it difficult for consumers to choose a stainless steel faucet suitable for themselves and kitchens. Precautions for purchase of stainless steel faucet:

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1. Water saving

When selecting stainless steel faucet products, we should not only see whether the appearance planning is fresh and fashionable, but also pay special attention to the quality of valve core. There are three kinds of common faucet valve cores in shopping malls: stainless steel ball valve, ceramic disc valve core and roll type valve core. The good thing is to choose the faucet made of ball valve, which is recognized by faucet manufacturers in water saving industry. In particular, stainless steel ball valve, copper ball valve, it can control the water temperature, ensure that hot water flow out quickly, both water and energy saving.

The faucet participates in the special foaming device, which can make the water and air flow fully mixed, and make the water flow have foaming effect. With the participation of air, the scouring force of water is greatly improved, so as to reduce water consumption and save water. Generally, the water flow of high-grade faucets is gentle and foggy, filtering the impurities in the water, and will not splash everywhere. This is the role of the bubbler.

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2. Materials

The main difference in faucet price is in material and technology. These two materials are generally used in the market. One is the kitchen faucet made of brass. Now there are several kinds of copper materials in shopping malls (59 copper, a, B, C, lead-free copper). Copper is the material of faucet. Whether in Europe and America or in our country, most of the faucets on the market are made of copper.

The primary materials of copper faucet are copper and zinc, commonly known as brass. In the process of faucet production, the faucet manufacturer needs to participate in a small amount of lead to improve the cutting function of brass. If the faucet manufacturers do not participate in the production of lead, it will not only present problems such as difficult cutting, poor forging function, even if the products are made, they will also crack due to poor stress corrosion resistance function, so the faucets made of copper by faucet manufacturers on the market must have lead. Now the good one is 59 copper.

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Stainless steel also has several kinds of materials (201.202.304). From the analysis of faucet manufacturer's materials, stainless steel is cheaper, while copper is more expensive. This is the difference of raw materials. The melting point of stainless steel is high, but there is no lead pollution as the copper faucet said.

3. Standard fit

The stainless steel faucet of some families' kitchens can't reach the center of the sink when it comes out of water. This is caused by neglecting the distribution of the sink and kitchen faucet. Choose kitchen stainless steel faucet must know the sink standard, according to this standard to choose suitable faucet. Make sure that the angle of the water outlet is in the middle of the water tank, and it can rotate 180 ° or 360 ° to keep the distance from the bottom of the water tank.

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4. Craft

1. Appearance technology: when working in the kitchen, you will use your hands with oil stains and dirt to boil the water tap, which will stain the tap. Therefore, it is still good to choose the tap manufacturer's oil free, easy to wipe products. This and faucet manufacturer's modeling, coating has a lot of contact, general modeling disorderly, changing lines of the faucet simply left to clean up the dead corner, coating thin, low hardness faucet appearance easy to black, clean up not clean. It is recommended that we use multi-purpose products with simple shape and solid coating, which can save a lot of things.

Now the high-grade stainless steel faucets of faucet manufacturers on the market basically choose the products with plating and wire drawing process, which can be more convenient to take care of.

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2. Production process:

In the production process, there are also great differences. The faucet products on the market have been cast once without welding. The inner wall of the main body is smooth, which can avoid the accumulation of scale and become more solid.

5. Consistent style

We pay more attention to the consistency of decoration style. In the kitchen, the sink can be distributed with different materials and styles, which is mainly reflected in the line shape and appearance of the faucet.



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