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What are the advantages of stainless steel faucets?

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What are the advantages of stainless steel faucets?

Advantages of stainless steel faucet

What are the advantages of stainless steel faucets?

Usually, copper and copper faucet castings contain different levels of lead. If the faucet is not used for a long time, the inner wall will produce green copper rust, and the harmful substances such as lead may be released into the tap water. Drinking water containing too much lead will cause harm to human body. It will not only affect the intellectual growth of drinkers, but also seriously affect the health of children. Scientific data show that serious lead pollution often endangers human reproductive capacity, renal function and nervous system.

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Compared with pure copper faucets, high-quality stainless steel faucets have the characteristics of no lead, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no release of harmful substances, and will not pollute water quality. Moreover, stainless steel faucets need electroplating, which is not easy to rust. The hardness and toughness of stainless steel faucets are more than two times higher than those of copper products. The surface of products is not easy to be corroded and bruised, so it is very convenient to clean them.

The humanized design of stainless steel faucet not only brings users extraordinary comfort and healthy water enjoyment, but also contributes to environmental protection. It has become a new consumption fashion.

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Advantages of stainless steel faucet

1. Strong corrosion resistance

The physical polished stainless steel surface is more compact. Like the stainless steel water pipe, the surface of stainless steel faucet is thin and dense, and the chromium rich oxide film makes the stainless steel water nozzle have good corrosion resistance. High quality CFS or 304 stainless steel neutral salt spray test can be more than 300 hours.

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2. Easy to clean and maintain

Drawing surface treatment makes the texture of stainless steel faucet products more delicate and clearer, the surface is not easy to adhere to stains, cleaning and maintenance is very convenient, can ensure the appearance of products for a long time, do not have to worry about the impact of plating off and rust on the appearance.

3. Safety and health

Stainless steel materials do not contain lead and other harmful heavy metals, will not cause secondary pollution of water quality, ensure the water quality is pure and sanitary, can create a healthy kitchen and bathroom water environment.

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4. Product quality is easy to judge

The surface of stainless steel faucet is polished. The appearance of the product can be judged directly by visual inspection. It is easy to judge the product quality without worrying about the coating problem.

5. Good mechanical properties

Stainless steel material has good tensile strength, yield strength and other mechanical properties, its strength and hardness are far higher than those of copper, aluminum alloy, lead-zinc alloy and other commonly used materials, so that the product has the advantages of deformation resistance, wear resistance and heavy bearing.

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6. Long service life

Stainless steel faucet products have good mechanical properties and strong corrosion resistance, and are equipped with high-quality ceramic sealing valve core. As long as the correct installation, use and maintenance, the stainless steel faucet can be used for decades or even longer. Even if the valve core is damaged, the valve core can continue to be used.

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