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Analysis and comparison of raw materials for various faucets

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Analysis and comparison of raw materials for various faucets

Stainless steel raw material faucet does not contain lead, and can be acid, alkali, corrosion, release harmful substances, will not pollute the water. Undoubtedly, it has become the focus of many stainless steel faucet manufacturers. It is understood that there is no need for electroplating on the surface of stainless steel faucets above 304. Its surface only needs polishing to show the true color of stainless steel. It can keep silver white luster and is not easy to rust. The hardness of stainless steel is more than 2 times higher than that of copper products. The hardness, solution casting and cutting of stainless steel are much more difficult and expensive than copper.

All plastic faucet

Plastic faucets are generally PVC faucets. It is characterized by delicacy, corrosion, rust free, non-toxic, tasteless, high pressure, light weight, simple construction and so on, but there are also simple aging, not robust defects.

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Cast iron tap

Cast iron faucet is generally cast iron and carbon content in more than 2% of iron carbon alloy. This kind of faucet belongs to the old style, which needs to rotate several circles to discharge water in use. Cast iron faucet is very simple and rusty, which pollutes the water in transmission. In addition, the production process is backward, the valve body is rough, the valve body is simple and rusty, resulting in poor effluent quality. Due to the simple "lax" gasket of the swivel head, this kind of faucet is easy to leak after a long time of use, which also forms a certain water source waste.

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Alloy faucet

Alloy: a substance consisting of two or more metals or nonmetals with metallic properties. It is usually obtained by melting to form a uniform liquid and solidification. According to the number of elements, it can be divided into binary alloy, ternary alloy and multicomponent alloy.

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The price of alloy faucet is much lower than that of copper faucet, and this kind of faucet is more simple and large-scale production. The defect of alloy faucet is that there is no possibility of long-term use, simple crack and short service life.

Ceramic faucet

As the name suggests, ceramic faucet is the faucet of ceramic production. Compared with other faucets, ceramic faucets have the advantages of no rust, no oxidation and no easy wear. Ceramic faucet appearance is beautiful and generous, because the shell is also ceramic products, so it can match with bathroom products, add the artistic sense of ceramic products, set off the temperament of bathroom.

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