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How to choose a suitable basin faucet?

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how to choose a suitable basin faucet?

Faucet is the household goods that every family will use, especially in the modern house decoration, the bathroom needs to choose a good basin faucet. However, this basin faucet in the purchase is also particular, if not considered properly, Water splashes when you wash.used for a long time, continuous dripping, and less than two years to rust, and even excessive lead content faucet.

First of all, determine the style and height of the faucet, according to their own bathroom decoration waterway, basin and decoration style to choose and match.

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1. Style

The selection of faucet style needs to select different types of faucets, such as wall entry type and vertical type, single hole and double hole, single cooling and hot and cold dual-use, according to the installation position and opening of the faucet. In the past, the faucet at home can only connect cold water, but now the vast majority of families use both hot and cold basin faucets. In addition, the style of basin faucet modelling should be consistent with the decoration style in the bathroom.

Model selection: the handle and outlet pipe of faucet are various in shape, most of which are streamline. Various straight or curve faucet models can be matched with simple style decoration. If it has been embedded in the wall, choose the wall mounted faucet, and pay attention to the thickness of the toilet wall before embedding the faucet. If the wall is too thin, the valve core will not be embedded. The plastic protective cover of the valve core should not be removed easily when embedding, so as to avoid damage to the valve core by cement.

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Color selection: at present, stainless steel chrome plating is the most common faucet on the market, and there are some uncommon colorful faucets. For example, bronze and gold. Stainless steel chrome plating is generally based on simple style, bronze color is generally Chinese style, gold dragon head with European style, bearing the noble spirit of the whole decoration.

Size selection: as the basin is divided into the basin on the stage and the basin under the stage, in order to match the form of the basin, pay attention to the height of the faucet on the selection of the faucet, and try to keep the position of the faucet outlet higher than the height of the basin about 15 cm.

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2. Material

It is recommended to use all steel washbasin faucets as far as possible, because the all steel faucets are not only of better quality, good aesthetics, heavy texture, but also durable. It is not only compact in structure, but also resistant to corrosion.

When purchasing, you can judge whether it is an all steel faucet by checking the weight of the tap and the sound of knocking it. The all steel faucet is generally heavy and full of texture, and the sound is dull and low when knocking. In addition, the best use of basin faucet hose stainless material, so as to prevent rust, ensure long-term use is no problem.

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3. Spool

The valve core is the most important component of the faucet, which is directly related to the use experience and the service life of the faucet. If the quality of the faucet can be guaranteed by professional evaluation. You can feel the smooth feel when you rotate.

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4. Handle

At present, the handle of the basin faucet is mainly divided into single handle and double handle. The single handle is characterized by convenient control and simple structure; the double handle handle requires both hands to adjust the water temperature, but the style can be suitable for more occasions, so we can choose according to the actual needs. At present, the more commonly used handle of basin faucet in the market is single handle faucet. If the single handle faucet is to adjust the water temperature on the washbasin, it is better to select the lifting handle that controls the water volume by vertical lifting.

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