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Installation method of faucet

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Installation method of faucet

The faucet at home is broken. I don't know how to install it when I buy a new one. I want to find a master for a faucet. In fact, I don't have to. I can install it myself.

Let's learn how to install all kinds of faucets.

First, install the tool:

Before each installation, it is necessary to check whether the supporting parts are complete.

Installation steps:

1. Installation of single hole basin faucet

When you buy a single hand basin faucet, you should pay attention to the diameter of the water inlet. Now most of the water inlet on the market is hard pipe, so you should pay attention to the height of the water inlet, which is 35 minutes from the basin. When installing, special angle valve must be selected, and the angle valve must be fixed with the cold and hot water pipe of wall outlet. When you find that there is a distance between the angle valve and the tap water supply pipe, go to buy a special extension pipe to connect. Remember, do not use other water pipes to connect, because if the water pressure is high, it is easy to fall off, leak, and cause you losses. If the inlet pipe is too long to exceed the outlet pipe, the part can be cut off according to your needs. If the angle is not appropriate, it can be moderately bent to the position you need. Remember: do not bend hard to 90 degrees or more. In the installation of basin to water, please do not forget to buy a small tap interface (tap short). Please don't forget to flush the water pipe embedded in the wall before you install it.

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2. Installation of shower and bathtub faucet (hanging wall)

When you buy a shower, bathtub, wall faucet, you can choose the right height to bury the water pipe. The distance between hot and cold water pipes must be 15 cm. Before installation, you must not forget to flush the water pipe, in order to avoid the water quality is too hard, causing damage to the tap.

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3. Concealed shower and bathtub faucet

After purchasing the concealed faucet, the valve core of the faucet should be embedded in the wall. Pay attention to the thickness of toilet wall before embedding. If the wall is too thin, the valve core will not be embedded. Do not remove the plastic cover of the valve core when it is embedded, so as not to damage the valve core by cement and other chores when it is embedded. In addition, we should pay attention to the up and down, left and right direction of the valve core when embedding the valve core, so as to avoid the wrong embedding of the valve core. When the water inlet pipe of the wall mounted faucet is embedded, the size deviation can be corrected by using the adjustable inflection.

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4. Installation of thermostatic tap

Before installing the thermostatic faucet, please check whether the water pipe is hot on the left and cold on the right, and remember not to connect the cold and hot water pipes wrong, so as to avoid the faucet not working normally. Gas, solar water heaters can not use constant temperature tap, because the water pressure is too low. Please don't forget to install cold and hot water filter when installing thermostatic faucet.

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5. Installation of Single Hole Kitchen Faucet

It is required to be stable, because the kitchen faucet is frequently used, and it is easy to loose when it is moved around, so the lock nut must be tightened. At present, there are some faucets in the market, which are fixed by screw tube and nut. This kind of stability effect is very good. If the problem of water removal and pulling can be solved, it will be a popular trend in the future.

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