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Installation skills of concealed shower

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Installation skills of concealed shower!

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The design and installation of flower sprinkling is an important part of decoration engineering. When professional installation engineers help users install sprinklers, they will ask whether they need concealed installation. The style of concealed flower sprinklers is more simple and the view effect is better. The following is to introduce the installation skills of concealed sprinkler.

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The surface mounted sprinkler pipe is installed outside the wall, while the concealed copper pipe is installed inside the wall, which only shows the top spray and the hot and cold water switch handle. So if you buy a shower in your home, you must have years of protection in terms of service life. When we install the shower, the first thing to be determined is the height of the shower mixing valve from the ground. Generally, before installing the shower, we have determined the installation place of the shower. Then the distance between the sprinkler mixing valve and the ground is generally controlled within the height range of 90 ~ 100cm. Within this range, we can also fine tune according to our height. However, it should not be higher than 110cm generally. If it is too high, it may lead to the installation of shower riser.

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Generally, the reserved thread head of the shower faucet is just buried in the wall tiles. It's better to just cover it with a decorative cover. Otherwise it will not look very beautiful. Therefore, when laying the pipeline, we should first consider the reserved position, which is generally 15mm higher than the blank wall, so that the thread head can be buried just after the ceramic tile is pasted to ensure the beautiful wall surface.

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For the shower shower, the general standard of internal elbow spacing is about 10 ~ 15cm. Generally, when buying shower, the seller will present two adapters, so that the connection of the mixing valve can be well connected to the hot and cold water outlet of the wall. However, try not to use the adapter to connect, which is more beautiful.

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At present, there are many kinds of shower in the market, including surface mounted, wall mounted and ceiling mounted. Therefore, before purchasing, we must know whether the water pipes laid in our home match. Do not blindly choose the shower, causing unnecessary losses.

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After the installation of concealed sprinklers, attention should be paid to the finishing work to avoid unnecessary defects. In the use of flower sprinklers should also pay attention to the use of precautions to avoid scalding and other hazards.



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