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The benefits of concealed shower

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1. The benefits of concealed shower.

2.concealed shower Advantages.

3. How to choose shower.

What is the concealed shower, what should we pay attention to when choosing?

1. The benefits of concealed shower.

The valve body  needs to be embedded in the wall and connected with the hot and cold water inlet pipe. The water outlet pipe supplying the shower is also connected in the wall. After the installation, only the control panel  and the shower head can be seen on the wall, and there is no surplus on the wall body, which can play a good role in keeping the wall clean.concealed shower1.jpg

2.concealed shower Advantages.

There are many types of large diameter shower heads to choose . For example, the 800mm large diameter head shower  can easily meet the demand of large-area shower water, which has a shower experience that can not be replaced by surface mounted shower.

After the installation of the wall, only the shower and control switch are left on the wall, which will not occupy too much space in the bathroom.

concealed shower2.jpg

3. How to choose shower.

First, Jet effect

From the appearance, the shape of the shower looks similar, and the selection must be based on its spraying effect. A good shower can ensure that each small spray hole spray evenly and uniformly, and can ensure a smooth and dripping shower effect under different water pressures. When selecting, you can test the water to see whether the spray water flow is uniform.

Second, Health and safety are, of course, the primary factors.

Due to the special use range of sanitary ware products, even pollute the drinking and shower water quality, developed countries have strict standards for health and safety certification of sanitary products, such as China's standard GB / T 23447-2009, North America's CSA and OSHA certification, etc.

Third,Comfort perception is very important.

The water pressure and water quantity of the shower have a great influence on the comfort of the shower. We should try our best to choose the sprinkler with high water pressure. Some sprinklers with various water outlet methods are designed more and more humanized. They can freely adjust the water outlet modes such as aerobic type, rain type, surge type and torrent type, so as to "take a bath" as you like, so as to improve the comfort and pleasure of bathing.

There are three kinds of installation methods: rain type high pole set, lifting rod installation and fixed support installation. It is recommended to install the lifting rod, which is convenient and practical without affecting the comfort. The rain high pole suit is luxurious, but maintenance is a bit troublesome.

Fourth,Easy maintenance, anti scaling, no clogging.

Shower hot water in the shower will produce scale, so the shower with poor quality will be blocked or blocked after using for a period of time, and need to be cleaned. There are a lot of people on the Internet to ask about the problem of flower spray clogging. If you use detergents or even vinegar bubbles on a regular basis, you can imagine the life of the flower sprinklers. 

Fifth, Water saving and energy saving, saving you money.

 What's more, the low-carbon group is popular now, and the whole country advocates energy conservation and emission reduction.

Sixth, The appearance and workmanship are exquisite

Good faucets have been used for many years, but their appearance is still the same as new ones. Poor ones lose luster quickly, which is related to the material and surface treatment process of the faucets.  And the purity of the material is not up to, or even mixed with other heavy metals and other materials. Therefore, we should pay attention to whether the shower has passed the standard certification.

concealed shower3.jpg

Finally understand what kind of concealed shower, concealed shower for our bathroom design is very good, not only beautiful, but also there are not many wires. To increase the comfort of our use, it is very important to shower in our home, which directly affects the comfort of our use.  I hope you can choose a good shower when you choose toilet shower.

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